Today, the implementation for the Protocol of the Muslim Future Thinkers Forum was signed between ICYF-DC and İbn Haldun Üniversitesi. The Muslim Future Thinkers Forum is one of the fourteen items of the Joint Youth Action Plan; adopted by the 3rd Islamic Conference of Youth and Sports Minister (3rd ICYSM) last October in Istanbul, Republic of Turkey. Ambassador Elshad Iskandarov, President of ICYF-DC, highlighted the significance of the forum in establishing a comprehensive and critical academic approach throughout the Islamic World by bringing together leading academicians and young academicians within the scope of the seven agenda items of the forum, as determined by an international academic board.

Prof. Dr. Recep Şentürk, Rector of Ibn Haldun University, expressed his appreciation for hosting the Muslim Future Thinkers Forum in Ibn Haldun University, while highlighting the significance of the Forum in sustaining and establishing intellectual independency and emancipation in the Muslim Academic World.

The Muslim Future Thinkers Forum will take place from 6-9 September 2018 in Ibn Haldun University, with the particpation of 40 Senior Academicans and 40 Young Academicans with the following academic agenda:

– The Future of Islamic Civilization in a Global Vision 
– Intra-Islamic Polarization, Conflicts, and Ethics of Disagreement 
– Religious-Cultural Plurality/Diversity in Public Space
– Politics, State and Religion in Islamic Thought
– Human Rights, Freedoms and Violence
– Gender Issues and Discourse of Equality
– Sociological Outlooks of Muslim Youth 
– Ideal Society/Community