1. Each OIC Member State may propose Candidate City/(ies) to the ICYF-DC Secretariat and nominate them as candidate “OIC Youth Capital” City. For that, they should fulfil the following requirements:
  2. The Member State will submit:
    • Filled in and duly signed/stamped“Application form” (Annex 1)
    • Support Letter” signed by Mayor of the town or city that shows the interest in running  for hosting “The OIC Youth Capital”;
  3. All the OIC Member States are eligible to propose their candidate city/(ies) for being an OIC Youth Capital.


1.In follow up to the basic documents identified above, the Board of ICYF-DC developed the below “Application and Selection Procedure” for selection of the Host City of the next OIC Youth Capital Progamme:

  1. Launch of the call: 01 March 2017
  2. Deadline for the call:01 May 2017
  3. Research and short listing of the nominations:June 2017
  4. Short-listing of 3 nominations:30 June 2017
  5. Selection of the OIC Youth Capital: July 2017
  6. Signing of the Implementation Protocol between the Implementing Agency and Host Agency: September 2017
  7. Announcement of the OIC Youth Capital 2018: by October 2017
  8. Start of the Programme :January 2018


  • The ICYF-DC Secretariat launches the call for application at the end of February 2017 and expects to receive the Application Form and Support letters by the Applicant countries no later than until the 31 March 2017.
  • The ICYF-DC Secretariat will study and research the Applications so as to short list nominations to 3 candidate cities. The Secretariat will present 3 recommendations to the Selection Committee.
  • Implementation Protocol will clarify all the details of the programme as identified in the application Forum (attached) and responsibilities of the Implementing Agency and Host agency in this regard. In case of failure to sign the implementation protocol by the Host Agency, the OIC Youth Capital status will be given to the second applicant in the list.
  1. Instrument of assessment (Criteria) of the selection process will be officially distributed to all OIC Member States to ensure the objectivity and transparency of the evaluation exercise;
  2. The OIC Youth Capital will be selected in accordance with the selection mechanism and criteria;
  3. Each OIC Youth Capital will present interim and a follow-up reports to ICYF-DC Secretariat about the Progress made in this concern.
  4. The OIC Youth Capital period will start in January 2018 and end in December 2018.