1. Each OIC Member State may propose Candidate City(s) to the General Secretariat of the OIC and the ICYF Secretariat and nominate them as the candidate “OIC Youth Capital” city. For that, they should fulfill the following requirements:
  1. The Member State will submit:
    1. Filled in and duly signed/stamped “Application form” (Annex 1)
    2. Support Letter” signed by Mayor of the town or city that shows the interest in running and hosting “The OIC Youth Capital”;
  1. All the OIC Member States are eligible to propose their candidate city(s) for being an OIC Youth Capital. In case no Member State nominates candidacy for the OIC Youth Capital within the timeline set by the Implementing Agency, the Selecting Committee has the eligibility to consider the candidacy of a city with a Muslim majority from the OIC Observer States, if any.