Closing the registration for participation in Doha Muslim Youth Forum

Closing the registration for participation in Doha Muslim Youth Forum

Initiated and organized by the Ministry of Culture and Sports within the Activities of Doha – OIC Youth Capital 2019

The forum is to be inaugurated on the 7th of July with a significant contribution of the youth from all over the Islamic world

 The Organizing Committee of the Doha – OIC Youth Capital 2019, has closed the registration to participate in the Doha Muslim Youth Forum organized by the Ministry of Culture and Sports as from the 7th to the 11th of July.

It is noteworthy that, the formation of the evaluation team is expected to be on the 30th of June, after which the forum shall be set for inauguration on due time under the motto: “The Nation with its Youth”, which is the elected theme of the events.

The forum shall see light due to a notable cooperation between the Ministry of Culture and Sports, and the Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum – ICYF, the youth driver of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

While, the Forum shall be organized by the Qatar Center for Cultural and Heritage Events.

The screening committee shall elect 90 participants of both genders from the participating countries pursuant to  impartial criteria, which  shall be concerned with attaining and realizing remarkable and extraordinary contributions in youth activities, as well as contributing activity in the social media, and holding supreme capabilities and capacities to accomplish the foremost roles in the event.

It is worth mentioning that, the number of participants from OIC member countries, reached 57, from: Oman, Kuwait, the countries of  Maghreb Region, as well as Indonesia, Malaysia and many others.

While, the participants from the non-member countries were 58 countries, along with, a remarkable number of the received applications for registration that reached 9200 participants of all the countries.

Moreover, more than 1700 inquiries, feedbacks and explanations from the youth of the world were received until the conclusion of registration, the thing which clearly demonstrates the keenness and eagerness of youth to partake in the Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum

The organization of the forum came in line with the numerous events planned by the State of Qatar within the activities of Doha – OIC Youth Capital 2019, in compliance with the fact that the Nations have always counted on their youth to construct and shape their future and attain the sustainable development and cultural thrive and advancement for their societies,  the thing which grants the Youth a leading edge and a capacity to propose and realize unparalleled achievements.

They can at the same time contribute to the discussion on the development issues, and partake in the formulation of their projects and accomplishments. Definitely, the nation’s forte and main asset lies in its youth, “the Nation with its Youth” which the slogan and the main theme adopted for the activities. 

The themes of the forum are about the sage governance and transparency among youth, and youth and the bet on sustainable development, youth and social media, as well as the diplomatic simulations.

The forum shall comprise three workshops that shall thoroughly deliberate the role of the youth in consolidating a culture of sage governance, sound management of the human and financial resources in youth institutions, as well as the integrity and promoting and nurturing a culture of rejecting corruption.

The second theme shall tackle the youth and the bet on sustainable development, through three workshops dealing with the role of youth initiatives in realizing the sustainable development, as well as enabling and empowering the youth in the domains of education, training, sustainable development and the youth challenges.

While the third theme shall shed light on the youth and social media, and comprising of three workshops on the influence of the social networking on the cultural practices of youth, besides, the role of social media in the social responsibility, youth and the safe usage of social networking sites.

In parallel with the Forum activities, a training course shall be held on the model adopted by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, and the directions and procedures of the model of Islamic cooperation.

Moreover, the Forum shall initiate four mock sessions; the first three sessions shall tackle with the issue of good governance and transparency among youth, youth and the bet on sustainable development, youth and social media, while the fourth mock session shall comprise drafting the resolutions and approvals.

Besides, the Forum shall present two simulation sessions to the Islamic Summit, the first of which shall adopt the draft resolutions, and the second shall be restricted to the adoption and declaration of these resolutions.

Finally, field visits shall be organized for the participants in order to get to know the marvel State of Qatar and its remarkable lushness in countless fields,  and to get a firsthand opportunity to discover the reach culture of the State of Qatar, and the major empowerment bestowed upon its youth, and their dynamic and significant presence at all levels.