We have identified five thematic priority areas on which our programme is developed:

Culture: İstanbul: An unprecedented city who combines east and west, and who offers infinite freedom.  The region with a multicultural atmosphere and incredible population.

Dialogue: İstanbul: The city of dialogue, in which religions, languages and races lived in the same street in peace, for centuries. Istanbul wishes to put additional effort to promote intercultural dialogue among young people with diverse backgrounds and to encourage and empower them to take action for social cohesion and conflict transformation.

Civilization: Istanbul is a magical seal, which unites Europe and Asia since the ancient times.The capital city of love and tolerance culture with three major civilizations. The youth is the future of Muslim world and Istanbul wants to be part of the future.

Islam: Istanbul is a symbol to spirit of conquest and victory in youth. Istanbul is part of Muslim World, a community of over 1,5 billions people and being Muslim is a way of life now, thinking and building a lasting future for us and for our children.

Responsability: The overall aim of developing a concept of social cohesion and equal opportunities in the framework of the OIC Youth Capital would allow youth to dedicate more to the societal aspects of urban development by using different tools such as arts, culture, social media and promoting creativity and innovation.