Doha Oasis for Innovation, held for the first time in Qatar, ended with success

The Ministry of Culture and Sports in cooperation with ICYF organized Doha Oasis for Innovation in September.

DOHA: As part of ‘Doha OIC Youth Capital 2019’ activities, the Ministry of Culture and Sports in collaboration with Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum announced the organization of the activity ‘Doha Oasis for Innovation’ from September 14 to 20, 2019.

The activity continued until September20 under the motto “The Youth is the Power of Nation” in collaboration with the Qatari Scientific Club and under the supervision of the Qatar Center for Cultural and Heritage Events.   

Aim of the activity was to stimulate creativity among youth in the fields of invention and innovation, which consolidates a culture of science and work to achieve the demands of development and prosperity.

The ‘Doha Oasis for Innovation’ provided individual and group competitions to develop the talents and abilities of young people in the areas of invention, innovation and manufacturing.

The competition was divided into two section: The first an individual competition that was held on September 15 and 16 at Ali Bin Hamad Al Attiyah Arena, in which each participants presented their invention in two days and there was a jury working according to international standards for this area, meeting standards adopted by the most important exhibitions in the world.

It was open to everyone between the ages of 18 and 30 and includes 22 disciplines covering all the disciplines from medicine to engineering in various fields and so on.

The second competition was a group competition that begun on September 18 and continued until September 20 at Qatar Scientific Club.  The participants were distributed in groups based on different categories. The Qatari Scientific Club provided all the facilities and necessary needs to assist the innovators for executing their projects.

The group competition emphasized cooperation and exchange of experiences among the youth of the Muslim world, in addition to introducing young people on how to develop innovations from the idea to the establishment of a professional company.

Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals were awarded in the individual competitions while the winners of the group competition will be honored during the closing ceremony of the ‘Doha OIC Youth  Capital 2019’.

Doha Muslim Youth Forum successfully held on 7-11 July, 2019

Doha Muslim Youth Forum under the framework of Doha OIC Youth Capital 2019 kicked off on 7 July 2019 in Doha, the State of Qatar with 90 young leaders selected among 9200 applications from OIC Member States.

The day started with the panel session on “Good Governance and Transparency”. The panel was addressed by Ms. Amal Al-Kuwari from National Health Insurance Company, Mr. Hussein bin Haj Mahmoud from the Department of Planning and Mr. Hussein Hassan from Control and Transparency Authority. ICYF Secretariat presented a symbolic gift to the Panelists for their valuable contributions to the Doha Muslim Youth Forum.

The first day of the Forum continued with the workshop sessions. Participants were divided to 3 workshop sessions where they discussed and deliberated the fundamental issues about good governance and transparency.

The second day of the Forum has started with the panel sessions given by Mr. Abdul Hadi Al-Shawi, Dr. Mohammed Saif Al-Kuwari and Dr. Arif Abdeljalil on Youth and Sustainable Development. During the session, facilitators have given examples on SDG’s and its importance. After the session, the participants pursued with non-formal education trainings on the issue.

On the third day, Ms. Amna Mohammed, Ms. Khawla Mortadawi and Mr. Shiraz Ahmed have conducted a panel on The Safe Use of Social Media. The session highlighted the importance of privacy and security in social media and how it affects Muslim Youth. The day concluded with workshop sessions and group activities on how to prevent the negative effects of social media.

On 10th and 11th of July 2019, ICYF conducted Model OIC Diplomatic Simulation programme on the sidelines of Doha Muslim Youth Forum. Around 90 delegates from 50 OIC Member States have discussed the issues of Good Governance and Transparency Among Youth, Youth, and Sustainable Development and The Safe Use of Social Media as representative of relative authorities of OIC Member States.

On the last day of Model OIC Diplomatic Simulation, The Delegates have simulated the Islamic Summit of OIC where they became delegation and acted as Head of OIC Member States. The Delegates were actively participated during the resolution writing process where they have put their ideas come together to find a concrete solution that Muslim Youth is facing today. The event has concluded with the adoption of resolutions and preparing the ‘Doha Declaration’.

Doha Muslim Youth Forum kicked off

To be held in the framework of the activities of ‘Doha – The Capital of Islamic Youth 2019

The ‘Doha – The Capital of Islamic Youth 2019’ Forum will kick off on July 7

The Forum will continue for five days and is held under the motto “Youth is power of the nation”

The Forum focuses on good governance, development, social media and diplomacy

The committee receives 9200 applications to participate in the Islamic Youth Forum

The outstanding youth will be honored in the Forum during the closing ceremony of ‘Doha – The Capital of Islamic Youth 201

DOHA: The Ministry of Culture and Sports will hold Doha Muslim Youth Forum from July 7 to 11, in connection with ‘Doha – The Capital of Islamic Youth 2019’.

The Forum will be held under the motto “Youth is the power of the nation”, which is the theme of the activities. 

It will be organised in cooperation between the Ministry of Culture and Sports and the Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum (ICYF) of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation under the supervision and organizing of the Qatar Center for Cultural and Heritage Events.

The organization of the forum is part of several events organized by the State of Qatar within the activities of ‘Doha – The Capital of Islamic Youth 2019’, based on the nations reliance on their youth to build their future, achieve sustainable development and cultural advancement of their communities, which earns the youth the ability to propose and work. 

At the same time, they contribute to discussing development issues and also participate in the formulation and implementation of projects.

The aim of the event is to present and discuss research axes related to youth as a key driver in building future development strategies, developing the capacities of young people to face the challenges of civilization and development, and benefiting from modern means of communication in promoting the values ​​of citizenship.                    

The issues of the Forum represent good governance and transparency among youth, importance of sustainable development, youth and social media, and diplomatic simulations.

The Forum includes several workshops that discuss the role of young people in establishing a culture of good governance; management of human and financial resources in youth institutions;  integrity and promotion of culture; and enhancing the culture of renouncing corruption.

The Forum will be accompanied by a training course on the model of the Islamic Cooperation Organization, and the rules and procedures of the model of Islamic cooperation. 

The Forum is organizing four simulation sessions. The first three sessions revolve around good governance and transparency among young people; youth and sustainable development; and youth and social media. The fourth simulation session will include drafting decisions and approvals.

The Forum will also have two sessions to simulate the Islamic Summit, the first will adopt draft resolutions while the second will be limited to the adoption and announcement of these resolutions.

A number of visits will be organized for participants to learn about the State of Qatar and its richness in various fields in order to discover the culture of the State of Qatar and its youth”s empowerment.

Conditions of participation

The general conditions for participating in the Forum include the age of the participant should be between 18 and 30 years.

The participation should be from the youth of the OIC Member States or representatives of an Islamic community. The participant must submit a certificate proving that he has good conduct and that the participant complies with the rules.

The registration and CV forms will be studied through a specialized committee, which will select 90 participants from participating countries according to objective criteria. 

The number of participating OIC member countries reached 57 from Oman, Kuwait, and Arab countries, in addition to Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries. 

The number of non-member countries was 58 and the number of registered youth exceeded 9200 participants.  Also the Ministry received more than 1700 inquiries, ideas and observations from the youth around the world which reflects the interest of young people in participating in the Islamic Cooperation Forum.

The registration form, CV and the required information should be attached through the website of Doha – The Capital of Islamic Youth: The selected participants will receive confirmation of participation through their e-mail.

The Organizing Committee will honor the outstanding youth at the closing ceremony in recognition of their participation through objective criteria, including time commitment, collaboration with colleagues, active participation, knowledge of the workshop, creativity and innovation.

The committee will evaluate all participants and select and candidates to win the Youth Excellence Award. 

The first three boys and first three girls will be announced on the website of ‘Doha – The Capital of Islamic Youth 2019’ on July 31.