TheIslamic Cooperation Youth Forum (ICYF) Expresses Concern over Civilian Casualties in Yemen

ICYF expresses concern over the continuing casualties of civilians, many of whom are teens and children, in Yemen in the results of escalation of the ongoing conflict. While welcoming the call by the United Nation Secretary-General António Guterres for an independent investigation into the air strike that killed dozens of children on Thursday, 09 August 2018, ICYF emphasizes that Islamic principles on preserving the life of innocent during the battle as well as international humanitarian law on safety of civilians during the conflicts should be unconditionally respected.

As organization dedicated to strengthening Islamic solidarity and peace ICYF reiterates its deep concern over the protracted conflict in Yemen which inflicted much damage on the country and great suffering on the brotherly Yemeni people. Reiterating its support for the international community’s stand in urging all parties involved to take urgent measures to spare the civilian population, respecting the principles of distinction, proportionality and access of humanitarian aid to civilians ICYF also calls for Islamic Ummah to take all necessary measures, including mediation to cease the fire to lead to political solution and lasting peace in the war-torn nation.

Istanbul, 10 August 2018