Youth Forum for the Prevention of Extremism and Violence Opened in Fez OIC Youth Capital 2017 Programme

On 21-24 November 2017, the Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum (ICYF) organized an international forum on the ‘Prevention of Extremism and Violence’ in partnership with the Moroccan Ministry of Youth and Sports, and under the High Patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI of Morocco as part of the ‘Fez OIC Youth Capital 2017’ Programme.

The international forum presented a number of dynamic panels on best practices, relevant policy frameworks and implementation mechanisms in countering radicalism, emphasizing the role of civil society in countering violence and radicalism, and the unique role of youth in developing new narratives for constructive change, civic engagement and political participation. The event was held in the historic Fez City Hall, with attendance of a number of high-level dignitaries and scholars including. Also in attendance were a number of representatives of international organizations, NGO’s and youth delegates.

The Forum emphasized the strategic value of youth, and emphasized the need to create inclusive future-oriented narratives that appeal to the inherent civic duty in youth, while calling on youth to identify pathways and mechanisms for constructive changes, develop their capacities in decision-making and policy-building and take on the role of positive agents for change in their respective societies.