Forum discusses enhancing role of youths in sustainable development

THE Doha Islamic Youth Forum discussed on Monday the topic ‘Youth and Bet on Sustainable Development’. The forum is held within the framework of ‘Doha OIC Capital 2019’ event, under the motto ‘Youth is the Power of the Nation’.
Addressing the first session, Director of Environmental and Municipal Studies Institute of the Ministry of Municipality and Environment Dr Mohammed Saif al Kuwari highlighted the role of youth in achieving sustainable development.
He noted that the United Nations has identified 17 goals for development that cover all aspects of life and address the global challenges such as poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace and justice.
Kuwari stressed that these goals can only be achieved with active involvement of the promising youth.
The Director of the Technical Office of the Permanent Population Committee in Qatar Abdul Hadi al Shawi presented a paper entitled ‘Strengthening the Development Capacities of Youth in Qatar’, in which he underlined Qatar’s efforts to motivate young people to participate actively in sustainable development of the country.
He noted integration of youth dimension into the first and second National Development Strategy and in the population policy for 2017-2022.
Shawi said that a number of achievements have been made in the field of youth empowerment, but added that the changes in the reality of youth require formation of a central body for coordination on youth issues and formulation of a new national youth development policy. 
This policy shall include cross-sectoral youth development programmes and a comprehensive and integrated policy framework that ensures roles for the youth in all aspects of social life.
For his part, Commissioner for Peace and Security of the African Youth Union Commission Arif Abdedjalil presented a paper entitled ‘Youth Is the Real Wealth of the Nation’ which dealt with the role of young people in various activities and in all fields, especially in areas related to the fight against extremism and violence and maintaining world peace and security.