Photo For Tolerance +” International Youth Photography Contest

The “Photo For Tolerance +” International Youth Photography Contest was running from 21 October 2015 to 27 November 2015 within the framework of the programme “Istanbul – OIC Youth Capital”.

This international youth photo contest was a great platform for young photographers to demonstrate their vision of Istanbul, as well as its importance in terms of spiritual, historical and geo-political position to shelter the youth of Islamic world. The contest involved an international youth photography competition, a festival, and awards ceremony.

The aim of the “Photo For Tolerance +” International Youth Photography Contest was to encourage young people to describe the meaning of Istanbul in promoting peace, unity, justice, freedom, brotherhood, solidarity, culture, art, history, kindness, morality and honor by taking into account the main themes that are “Dialogue, tolerance and Youth”.

The winners announced in early December, 2015. The bests of the contest rewarded at Grand Award Ceremony.


The prize for the 4 winners:

  • 1st place : 2500 USD
  • 2nd place : 1200 USD
  • 3rd place : 800 USD
  • OIC Youth Capital Special Award: 500 USD

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