Winners of ‘Doha Oasis for Innovation’ activity’ laud strong, well-organized contest

Winners of ‘Doha Oasis for Innovation’ activity’ laud strong, well-organized contest

DOHA: The winners of ‘Doha Oasis for Innovation’ activity (individual and group competition category) have appreciated the strong contest between competitors from the Islamic world, which will have a positive impact on the youth of Al Islamic.

The competition organized by the Ministry of Culture and Sports in collaboration with Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum as part of ‘Doha – OIC Youth Capital 2019’ activities.

The event was held in partnership with Qatar Scientific Club under the motto “The Youth is the Power of Nation”, and under the supervision of the Qatar Cultural and Heritage Events Center.

The first three winners in the Individual Contest are:  Saleh Safran (Qatar) 96%, Mohammed Ahmed Al Habsi (Oman) 94% and Shakiba Sardevand (Iran) 92%.

For the Group Competition, the winners are Weqaya company team who achieved 89percent and represented by Abdelrahman bin Arous (Libya), Sara Al Baker (Qatar), Yousef Al Qahoumi (Qatar), Saleh Al Abdellah (Qatar), Omar Oyaba (Algeria), Qwais Emad Mohammed Abu Shehab (Jordan), and Daliwa Joseph Baynamandi (Cameroon).

Commenting on the individual competition category, Saleh Safran expressed his delight at being awarded this advanced position in the individual competition at ‘Doha Oasis for Innovation’ activity’.

He also expresses his hope that this innovation will be marketed then people can benefit from it because it is an electronic safety device used to prevent gas leakage. The device detects the gas immediately after leakage, and controls the closure of the source gas.

“This innovation reduces the emission of gas before it leaks. Now we are starting to bring the product to customers, and we have aspirations to reach a larger segment of the target population at the local level, and from the Gulf level, and to the Arab and international levels, he added.

In the same competition, the winner, Mohammed Ahmed Al Habsi, described the competition among the innovators as very strong, with more than 6,000 inventions to be selected until the inventors reached  to 42.

He said he did not expect to be selected from among the most distinguished inventors representing the Islamic world at the level of the event as a whole.

For her part, Shakiba Sardivand Chegini said that “First of all I want to say thanks to Qatar because of understanding the value of the youth and respecting them, and also for giving such amazing opportunity to Muslim youth from all around the world.

It was my first time in Qatar where I met my second family of amazing creative minds from different countries. I wished I could be familiar with Qatar country and its culture earlier. Qatar is indeed a wonderful country which needs to be known globally. Qatar has many spectacular attractions and is developing well. It is a country where you can find the fantastic blend of history and modernity, she added.

On question about she has learned from her participation, she said that “I saw, experienced, learnt and taught; this is what happens when people gather in a team and share ideas. I learnt several new skills through the workshops and the team workings; and I gain the knowledge required for an inventor “from an idea to the startup”.

In Qatar, what inspired me the most, was this sentence ” Youth is the power of the nation” and the way Qatar government cared about the meaning of it.  I truly appreciate Qatar’s policy for youth because of organizing such events not only for Qatar youth but also for other youth from the great family of Muslims, she said.

 Winners of the group competition category

 Abdelrahman bin Arous (Libya), Sara Al Baker (Qatar), Yousef Al Qahoumi (Qatar), Saleh Al Abdellah (Qatar), Omar Oyaba (Algeria), Qwais Emad Mohammed Abu Shehab (Jordan), and Daliwa Joseph Baynamandi (Cameroon).

As for the winners of the group competition,  Abdelrahman bin Arous says, “I can’t express my feeling  about my happiness with this victory. It is a very difficult feeling to describe.”.

My team won the title in an internationally recognized competition with competitors being selected from thousands of applicants for this competition in the Islamic world, he said.

Sara Al Baker commented that my participation in the competition was a motivation for me, and support for all in all respects. It supports me to think about creating new topics, and start new stages that serve our country.

On how important this innovation, she noted that “This device will solve one of the biggest problems of the elderly, Alzheimer’s patients and other segments of society, who face the problem of forgetting to take their medicines in a timely manner, leading to a doubling of their condition and sometimes death.”.

The device will provide safe and high-quality care to patients with advanced and intelligent technology, inspire hope and contribute to health security by providing the best care for each patient.

For his part, Yousef Al Qahoumi he said that he was very happy with his team’s victory in the group competition. “I was expecting to win, because we have reached a final stage, and when I saw the remaining projects I noticed that we are ahead of them.”

The winner, Saleh Al Abdellah described the competitions were distinct experience in terms of organization and content.

The event included a lot of activities including trip to Katara, Qatar National Museum and some training workshops aimed at strengthening the bond between the participants and make them accustomed to teamwork.

The winner, Omar Oyaba described his experience in the group competition as “it was a great experience with a wonderful team where our team was characterized by multidisciplinary which made us do all the required tasks professionally on time.

David Farooqi, Chairman of the Jury of the Geneva International Inventions Exhibition, says that the Ministry of Culture and Sports and the Qatar Scientific Club have made a number of efforts to make the event a success.  “Everything was well organized and the contestants were given what they needed,” he says.

“Some of the innovations were very good and some were normal, but innovation and invention and its attempt in itself is an important step, he added.

On the importance of the event, he said that there are many young people from schools and others who visited the exhibition and this is important as they will benefit from the experiences of their colleagues. This will motivate young visitors to invent and innovate when they see their colleagues make many innovations, he said.

On the criteria adopted by the jury for the Doha Innovation Oasis, Nayef Al Ibrahim, a member of the jury, said that it is the same international standards adopted by the Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions.

He described the competitions as they were strong, they  did not stop at the borders of a particular country, but included different Islamic countries, like young people with a great deal of innovation and creativity, which has had its repercussions in achieving the quality enrichment of ideas, and even ready for implementation, he said.