“Russia-OIC” International Youth Forum

The International Youth Forum “Russia – OIC” is a platform for bringing together project teams from OIC countries. The forum will include an educational program covering social entrepreneurship, culture, sustainable development, education as well as workshops on creation of international projects. At the end of the Forum, a pitch session will be held with international experts on the implementation and upscaling of the participants’ projects.

Application will be available shortly.

Kazan Global Youth Summit


The main goal of the Summit is to develop joint actions to implement the youth strategy in the region.
The agenda of the Summit includes meetings and speeches on modern trends and challenges in the youth environment, youth engagement and intercultural dialogue.
Summit participants: Delegates from 56 OIC member countries and observer countries (Ministers for Youth and Sports of the OIC countries, heads of youth departments of the regions of the OIC countries, leaders of youth associations, representatives of international organizations responsible for youth).

Participation at the invitation of the organizing committee.

H.E. Rustam Minnikhanov, President of Tatarstan, hosted a reception for the Kazan OIC Youth Capital 2022

On March 16, 2022, H.E. Rustam Minnikhanov, the President of the Republic of Tatarstan hosted a reception for the Kazan OIC Youth Capital 2022 inauguration ceremony, which was attended by Mr. Mashkovcev Oleg Aleksandrovich, Deputy Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the Volga Federal District, Mrs. Fazleeva Leyla Rinatovna, Vice Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan, Mr. Timur Suleymanov, the Minister of Youth Affairs of Tatarstan and consul-generals of the OIC Member States accredited in Kazan.

Mr. Rasul Omarov, the ICYF Director-General, delivered speech on behalf of the ICYF President at the reception.

Tatar Youth celebrated the Inauguration of the OIC Youth Capital International Programme in Kazan with colorful festivities.

Kazan OIC Youth Capital 2022 is ready to welcome youth from the OIC region and beyond!

“Kazan – OIC Youth Capital 2022″International Program launches in Russia

MOSCOW (AA) – The Inauguration ceremony of the “Kazan – Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Youth Capital 2022” international program was held in Moscow, capital of Russia.

The ceremony, hosted by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was attended by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, President of Tatarstan and Russian-Islamic World Strategy Vision Group President Rustam Minnikhanov, as well as Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum (ICYF) Director General Mr. Rasul Omarov, and the head of the Federal Department of Youth Affairs Kseniya Razuvayeva.

Tatar Turkish folk songs were performed in front of the OIC ambassadors and heads of international organizations present during the occasion.

Participants of the event toured the exhibition dedicated to celebrating the 1100th anniversary of the adoption of the Islam by Volga Bulgarian community.

During his speech at the event, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov stated that the dialogue between his country and the OIC member states had improved. “Many Muslim countries have been Russia’s international partners for a long time. Commitment to developing cooperation between states within the framework of principles of equality, mutual consideration of interests and concerns unites us” he said.

Lavrov emphasized the importance of respecting the culture and traditions of all people by saying, “At the same time, we reject attempts to brutally export democracy, to aggressively impose ultra-liberal values and their use in the geopolitical game of relations in the fields of culture, education, and sports”

In this context, Lavrov emphasized the significance of Kazan as the OIC Youth Capital and stated that Tatarstan is a melting pot for religions, civilizations, and old traditions.

“This is the key to any country’s progress. We are glad that Tatarstan leads other Russian regions in developing democratic foreign ties” – he stated.

Minister Lavrov expressed that they are ready to support Kazan in establishing cooperation.

– Minnikhanov: “This date is of great importance for all Muslims”

Tatarstan President Rustem Minnikhanov further remarked that the state’s capital, which has observer status in the OIC, was honored for the first time with the title of Youth Capital. “This is especially significant on the 1100th anniversary of the conversion of the Volga Bulgarians to Islam. This date is significant for all Muslims” he said.

Noting that this year would be marked by a variety of events in Tatarstan, Minnikhanov presented information on the upcoming meeting of the Russia-Islamic World Strategy Vision Group.

– ICYF Director-General Omarov: “Our aim is to establish strong relations between people”

Rasul Omarov, Director-General of ICYF, remarked that Russia is home to a diverse range of people, beliefs, and languages, which is why Kazan was chosen as the OIC Youth Capital.

“Our purpose is to bring together our youth and friends from all over the world, to declare Kazan’s message of peace and friendship to the world, and to develop strong relationships between peoples” Omarov added.

Omarov expressed his optimism that young people will contribute to making the world a better place by stating that humans have passed through numerous tests in recent years.

–  OIC Youth Capital Key Handed Over to Kazan

At the ceremony, the key to the OIC Youth Capital was presented to Kazan.

At the occasion, which was followed by a concert, attendees were treated to the tastes of the Tatar cuisine.

– OIC Youth Capital Title

The OIC Youth Capital International Program was initiated by the Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum (ICYF) at its 2nd General Assembly, held in October 2014. The idea of a set of events within the framework of the OIC Youth Capital was supported by delegates of ICYF member youth organizations.

In November 2021, at the Executive Board Meeting of the Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum, it was decided to award the title “OIC Youth Capital – 2022” to the city of Kazan. The status was assigned to a city of the Russian Federation with Muslim majority, an observer state in the OIC, for the first time.


The Ministry of Youth Affairs of the Republic of Tatarstan (Russian Federation) and the Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum (ICYF) is organizing the Holy Qur’an Competition in partnership with the Academy of Youth Diplomacy, Tatarstan Republican Youth Public Foundation “SELET” and Muslim Board of the Republic of Tatarstan under the “Kazan OIC Youth Capital 2022” International Programme on 17-20 May 2022 in Kazan, Tatarstan (RF).


The Holy Quran is the guidance for humanity and the complete code of life. Kazan OIC Youth Capital 2022 is organizing the International Holy Quran Competition to enhance the practice and study of the Holy Qur’an among the Muslim youth community. The yearlong programme of this year’s capital will kick off with the Holy Quran Competition for young people to get acquainted with the rules and essence of recitation with Tajweed of the Quran.


The Holy Quran Competition aims to promote literacy in the Quran and encourage its recitation, memorization, and apply its spirit in life. The Competition is committed to connecting the young generation to those who recite the Holy Quran.


This program intends to achieve the following objectives:
• Spreading the message of the Holy Qur’an through the participation of the youth
• Enabling the bonds of brotherhood, scientific integration, spiritual communication, and working in favor of the great book of Almighty of Allah
• Introducing Muslims to the tradition of reading the Holy Qur’an
• Identifying and encouraging the best reciters among hafizul-Qur’an of the Holy Quran
• Internationally highlighting the efforts of Russia in serving the Holy Quran.


Location: Kazan/Tatarstan (Russian Federation)
Date: 17-20 May 2022


The submissions will be accepted for the selection process based on the criteria described below.
• To be a citizen (young male and female) of the OIC Member States or the Russian Federation or representative of the Muslim community in the non-OIC Member States.
• Age between 18-30
• Ability to communicate in English/ Arabic/ Russian/Tatar
• Experienced in Tajweed and acquainted with the rules and essence of the Holy Quran recitation.
• Holding a certificate/ diploma confirming the degree of hafizul-Qur’an of the Holy Qur’an
• To be nominated officially by the relevant religious authorities (Ministry/Presidency of Religious Affairs etc.) for the nominees` country of residence or the recognized Islamic Centers or entities in the non-OIC Member States.

• Important Note: Applications will be accepted only through the relevant religious
authorities (Ministry/Presidency of Religious Affairs etc.) and the recognized Islamic
Centers or entities in the non-OIC Member States.
Participants who want to apply for the Holy Qur’an Competition should contact their
country’s relevant religious authorities (Ministry/Presidency of Religious Affairs etc.) for
the nominees` country of residence or the recognized Islamic Centers or entities in the
nonOIC Member States.


The Competition will gather young male and female hafizul-Qur’an between 17-20 May 2022 in Kazan, Tatarstan (Russian Federation).

Once participants get their nomination, they will be invited to Kazan, Tatarstan (RF) to participate in a 3-day Competition.

International Jury members will inform the participants regarding the rules and regulations during the Competition.

Finally, the jury board will select the top 3 male and 3 female participants among all participants.


*** Only Nominated participants will receive an email confirmation with logistics and program details. Please check your emails regularly, including spam folders!


The host country will cover travel, accommodation, and other costs.


Application Deadline: 15 April 2022


The winners will be awarded a certificate issued by the Kazan OIC Youth Capital 2022 Organizing Committee.
Award for the First winner of the Young Male and Young Female: $10,000.
Award for the Second winner of the Young Male and Young Female: Apple devices. Award
for the Third winner of the Young Male and Young Female: Apple devices.


Ministry of Youth Affairs of the Republic of Tatarstan (Russian Federation), Mr.Timerkhan Shaikhutdinov, Program Coordinator:
Email : kazan@oicyouthcapital.com ; Phone : +7 953-493-70-66


Press Conference was held for the introduction of events under “Kazan OIC Youth Capital 2022”

The International Youth Esports Championship, the Festival of Modern Muslim Culture, the Scientific Congress, the Forum of Young Entrepreneurs of the countries of Organization of Islamic Cooperation — these and other mega-events will be held this year in Kazan, which has become the OIC Youth Capital,” said Mr. Timur Suleymanov, Minister of Youth Affairs of the Republic of Tatarstan at a press conference at the “Tatar-inform” news agency on February 8.

More than 12 large-scale offline and online events will cover all spheres of life and development of the youth of the Islamic world: science, culture, sports, entrepreneurship, social engineering, education and creative industries. According to the organizers, about five thousand people will actively participate in this program.

“We consider the Global Summit of Ministers for Youth Affairs to be held in Kazan in May with the participation of about 200 delegates from 56 OIC member countries and observer countries as a key event,” said Mr. Timur Suleymanov.

– As life shows, specialists working with youth in different countries face the same challenges. Therefore, it is vital to have “platforms” for joint communication, exchange of experience and innovative practices, which will be delivered within Kazan OIC Youth Capital 2022”.

“Kazan was chosen due to its diverse and rich cultural and civilizational heritage, its talented youth, its pioneering institutions working in the fields of entrepreneurship, innovation and sports, its modern, cutting-edge infrastructure and great potential to provide the best experience for young people from OIC Member States and beyond. I am sure that Kazan will become the “bridge” that will connect peoples and states in solving urgent youth problems. It is especially important that we will work together in the year of the 1100th anniversary of the adoption of Islam by the Volga Bulgaria and will be able to visit the sacred places for Muslims located in Tatarstan,” said Mr. Taha Ayhan, President of the ICYF.

The main program events under Kazan OIC Youth Capital 2022” will begin in March with a competition of reciters of the Holy Quran, aimed at developing literacy in the study of the Quran and the ability to artistically read it in public. Host responsible for this competition is the republican movement “Selet” – a member organization of the OIC Youth Forum. According to the director of the Selet Youth Center Ms. Aigul Gabdrakhmanova, young people agedfrom18 to 35 from all over the world, both amateurs and professional readers of the Quran, will fly to Kazan to take part in the competition.

Also, in March with the participation of representatives of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs, the diplomatic corps of the OIC countries and the leaders of the Republic of Tatarstan, Moscow will host the official inauguration ceremony of Kazan as the OIC Youth Capital for 2022.

Kazan will receive a symbolic “key” of the OIC Youth Capital from the previous Youth capital, the city of Dhaka, Bangladesh. The international program “OIC Youth Capital” has been in place since 2016. Since then, the cities of Istanbul (Turkey), Shiraz (Iran), Putrajaya (Malaysia), Fez (Morocco), the Al-Quds region (Palestine), the cities of Doha (Qatar) and Dhaka (Bangladesh) have won the right to have such a status on a competitive basis. Now, for the first time, this series of events will take place in Russia, namely in the Republic of Tatarstan, city of  Kazan.

Today, on February 8, social network accounts under Kazanyouthcapital and special website http://kazan.oicyouthcapital.com/ were launched. These resources are dedicated to the program “Kazan OIC Youth Capital 2022”. This was announced at a press conference by the chairman of the Academy of Youth Diplomacy Ms. Dilbar Sadykova.

She also announced the start of a large live marathon in February, which will cover schools, colleges anduniversities:

Presentations of the program of events “Kazan – the Youth Capital of OIC-2022” will be held in educational institutions, so that as many as possible young people and potential partners will learn about them and, if desired will become the participants, volunteers, or part of a large team.

They will be able to express their ideas and wishes, which we will definitely try to reflect in the agenda of upcoming events. The youth of Tatarstan have a great interest in the countries of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, we felt this well during the past joint projects. In the countries of the Islamic world, the youth population is high, somewhere it reaches up to50% of the population. Such a large community, which includes the youth of Tatarstan, has common fundamental values ​​- the general humanitarian values ​​of Islam. On these principles, which are sometimes called “halal lifestyle”, we will build our work during this year, uniting on a platform of common values, mutually strengthening, but at the same time maintaining the secular nature of the events,” concluded Ms. Dilbar Sadykova.

ICYF and Ministry of Youth Affairs of Tatarstan sign protocol of agreement on holding “Kazan – OIC Youth Capital 2022”

H.E. Taha Ayhan, the ICYF President and H.E. Timur Suleymanov, the Minister of Youth Affairs of the Republic of Tatarstan (Russian Federation) signed protocol of agreement on holding “Kazan OIC Youth Capital-2022” International Program on the margins of the International Forum of Civil Participation organized by the Federal Agancy for Youth Affairs of Russian Federation between 2-5 December 2021 in Moscow, Russia.

Kazan Selected as OIC Youth Capital 2022

We are excited to announce Kazan, Tatarstan (RF) as the OIC Youth Capital for 2022, taking the reins from Dhaka as the new epicenter for youth development, international projects, and intercultural diversity in the OIC region.

Kazan, the new OIC Youth Capital 2022 will use this unique opportunity to foster cooperation among OIC member states in youth policy and enhance Muslim youth solidarity while also fostering inter-cultural diversity and the spirit of “unity” among the youth of the OIC geography and beyond through various activities.

The year-long OIC Youth Capital International Program encapsulates a chain of activities and events from culture to academic life, youth leadership, entertainment, sports, and youth capacity building to empower and engage the Muslim youth by providing them with an international stage for them to shine and prosper.

Stay tuned for exciting news, opportunities and youth activities from “Kazan-OIC Youth Capital 2022”.